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Welcome to Dibleys' 2007 Chelsea Flower Show page.

Thursday, May 31, 2007  

Chelsea Gold
We're very pleased to announce that we've won another Gold Medal at this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show. That's now our 18th in 19 years!

We have also won 4 Awards of Merit for the following streptocarpus varieties: Jacquie, Frosty Diamond, Caitlin and Charlotte.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007  

Press Coverage.

On BBC 1's Chelsea coverage on Monday night (7-8pm Monday 21 May), Dibleys' display was highlighted by Rachel de Thame. Also seen on BBC coverage on Sunday and Streptocarpus Seren was shown a number of times during the week.

Dibleys mentioned in the Telegraph
> Link to Telegraph article

Dibleys mentioned in the Observer magazine
> Link to Observer Magazine article

An article by Robin Lane Fox in the Financial Times, published May 26 2007:
'Anyone who gardens indoors or outdoors would enjoy the brilliant sky-blue Streptocarpus Falling Stars from the medal-winning kings, Dibleys of Ruthin in north Wales (www.dibleys.com)'
> Financial Times article

Online web coverage includes the Female First website:
'Dibley’s get Gold Medal Number 18 at Chelsea Flower Show'
> Article on the FemaleFirst website

See the RHS web page showing some of Dibleys' new plants
> RHS Web page

Also see Dibleys on Monday's BBC Wales Today and Tuesday's Wedi Saith on S4C.Dibley’s get Gold Medal Number 18 at Chelsea Flower Show
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007  

Photos of Dibleys Display.
Dibleys Photos
> Click here for photos of our Gold medal winning display.
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Monday, May 21, 2007  

Streptocarpus Seren

See the first commercially available yellow streptocarpus at Chelsea this year!

Click on the photo to open a larger image of Streptocarpus Seren.
posted at 2:29 PM

Thursday, May 10, 2007  

Award winning North Wales based Dibleys nurseries, specialists in streptocarpus, foliage begonias and other Gesneriads, are gearing up for their 19th appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show. The medal tally currently stands at seventeen RHS gold medals in eighteen years. The launch of stunner Streptocarpus 'Seren' could make it number eighteen!

This year's kidney shaped stand will feature 15-20 varieties of Streptocarpus in a colour palete of deep purples, pinks through to blues, whites and yellows. The planting will be naturalistic with Streptocarpus mixed up with Begonias. 20-25 varieties of Begonia, including the brilliant foliaged Rex varieties will be shown in a mixture of combinations. Foliage colours range from greens, reds, silvers and pinks. Flowering varieties offer colours from pink to red.

Debuting is Streptocarpus 'Seren', a totally new colour break in Streptocarpus breeding and has taken many years to achieve. The initial cross was made in 1995 and has taken 8 generations and over 3000 seedlings to achieve this vibrant yellow. True to their Welsh roots Dibleys have given this amazing plant a Welsh name – which translates as Star in English. This plant is a strong variety with a compact habit which is very free flowering over ten months of the year.

The star begonia is Begonia 'x Carolina Lucerna Amazon', an unusual and very old variety that is not easily found. Boasting big clusters of red flowers and white spotted green leaves, this plant was popular with the Victorians and Lynne Dibley feels it’s time to make this old beauty fashionable again. Strongest contender for most dramatic plant is Begonia 'Vesuvius' with its black and deep blood red leaves.

Many of the plants have been bred on the Nursery as part of Lynne Dibley's extensive breeding program. Over the course of the past seven years Lynne Dibley has introduced 34 new Streptocarpus, eleven of which have received the prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Begonia and streptocarpus look great with tender ferns and work well to create a woodland feel as they don't like bright sunlight. Begonia Rex require similar growing conditions to streptocarpus but generally prefer less light.

Lynne's Favourite plant for its sheer wow factor is Begonia 'Fireworks' a Rex variety with striking leaves that are pink, purple, silver and black all on one leaf. The plant grows to about 12 to 14 inches in height.
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