Construction of the 1999 Dibleys Streptocarpus display

Thursday 20th May 1999. The first load of hardware arrives at Chelsea. This consists of Fibreglass rocks, black cloth, bread trays and lots of bits of wood.

These are placed on the wooden base provided by the RHS. Height is acheived by piling up bread trays and then placing the Fibreglass rocks and waterfall. The crates are covered with black cloth so that the white trays are no longer visible. Pond liners are placed in the desired positions and the (2) pumps are carefully placed to create natural looking streams and waterfall.


Friday. The plants arrive.

The pieces of wood are strapped together and then plants are attached using wire. This is then hidden with moss: Instant trunks!


Ferns are used as background plants, surrounding the ponds and softening the edges of the fibreglass.



Rex Dibley inspects the work so far.

Sunday. Nearly finished





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