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The First All Year Round Continuously Flowering Streptocarpus

Crystal Ice. The first ever continuously flowering streptocarpus. This is a very floriferous variety with medium sized small white flowers. The lower three lobes are covered with fine deep blue veins. The leaves are narrow lance shaped and form a very attractive rosette, making Crystal Ice an exceptionally beautiful plant. The height of a mature plant will be up to 30cms (12").

Plant Breeders Rights have been applied for in the European Union. Propagation of this variety for gain may not be done without a license from Dibleys Nurseries.


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"It is the plant guaranteed to brighten your mood when the colourful days have turned into the long, dark nights of winter"
Daily Mail January 22nd, 2000 Page 11

Also seen in The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Post, Garden News and The Garden.

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