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Have a go at our new streptocarpus quiz!
Try out our new quiz and test your knowledge of streptocarpus plants

Download our new screensaver (1.3Mb)
Have houseplants as your screensaver!

Streptocarpus Card Matching
Find the pairs of matching cards
Streptocarpus Tic Tac Toe
Have a quick game of noughts and crosses

Print out a Streptocarpus Calendar
Note: this page only works in Microsoft Explorer.
The page will load a different image every time it refreshes.
You can alter the month by clicking on the dropdown menus on the right hand side of the calendar.
Click on the print button to print the calendar (the image it prints out may be different to that on screen).

Streptocarpus Desktop Wallpaper
Have a streptocarpus 'Falling Stars' as your desktop wallpaper

Send an Electronic Streptocarpus Postcard
Send Postcards to your friends

Dibleys Sliding Puzzle
See a picture of our Gold medal winning display at the 2001 Chelsea Flower Show, but it's a bit mixed up - slide the squares around to straighten it out.

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